In wilderness survival, shelter is often your first priority. Good shelter tempers extremes of cold or heat. One way to get warmer? Immediately improve the clothes on your body.

family-fall-afternoon-october-16-2013_24MISSION – Scarecrow

Scarecrow is one of the first steps you can take to improve your survival situation when cold is a factor.

1. Find dry and fluffy material such as leaves or grasses.
2. Stuff this between two layers of clothing until you look like a giant scarecrow.

Consider how wet materials might cool you down. To find drier forest debris, make a habit of looking for and exploring cavities in strong trees, underneath logs, or hollowed stumps. Seek out sturdy overhanging rocks, or even trees that might stay dry underneath. These “Dry Camps” could also provide a great place to get out of the rain.

Remember Rule #1 No One Dies
Watch out for spiders, ticks, bees, and other biting and stinging insects when stuffing your clothing with duff. Perform regular checks for “Unwanted Travelers” where ever and whenever needed.

MODIFY Shawarma Bag

If you have a bag, sack or any container you can safely fit in, increase its warmth and improvise a shelter by stuffing it full of leaves or other insulating thatch. Then simply wiggle your way in, snug as a squirrel in its nest.