Before carving, make sure you review our Rangers 8 Blades of Knife Safety & Care.

One the most frequent woodcarving injuries occurs when kids take their blade out of its cover (unsheathing) or put it back in (sheathing). Have them follow these steps to stay safe.


Sheathing & Unsheathing

  1. Always hold the sheath near the end, not at the top where the blade comes out. Keep your hand away from the top of the sheath where the knife exits.
  2. Use your fingertips to pinch the flat part, don’t wrap your hand around the edge (or stitching) of the sheath. This anticipates any flaws in a sheath where the knife could cut through.

Together these precautions eliminate any risk of the blade accidentally slicing your hand. Remember, always follow the 8 Blades of Knife Safety & Care.