One More Week

From Molly, Trackers Founder & Mom

Like most families, at the Trackers Homestead we take it one week at a time. Our team is still hard at work creating online classes (below for cool news) and preparing for summer.

It’s ironic, we’re used to homeschooling, but we’ve taken it easy the past couple weeks. Tony and I even got the kids outside to make ↓ this video

Video Whittle Kids – Woodcarving

Click on thumbnail to watch it! My kids, Robin (9 years) and Maxine (4 years), teach the safety basics for whittling with knives. I highly recommend watching it with your kids. These two are cute and informative, but my opinion may be skewed.

If you liked it, check out our upcoming online classes that teach woodcarving to parents and kids. Let’s get to the big news! Trackers Online is now…

Trackers Spark!

Our online camps and classes have grown. So we’re giving them a new home and a new name. Trackers Spark lights the fire. It has “channels” that feature your favorite Trackers Guides, skills and fun.

Join Captain Nick on his globetrotting adventures. Next week, in Captain Nick: Sky Pirates, Nick and kids take to the air to stop the Captain Zeppelin’s flying bandits. Plus, in Captain Nick: Kingdom of Cats, the Contessa turns our adventurers into feline friends. It’s up to “Catnip” Nick and kids to prevent an aPAWcolypse!

Wilders Home is bringing back Home Ec. Kids join Cowboy Sam to cook Dandelion Donuts. Or take part in a fun food show style cook off with found kitchen ingredients.

Finally, Wizards Academy is taking new students. Practice wand craft, search for mythic beasts, and help the school of magic fight the Realm of the Dark Arts.

Trackers Spark is where you now find our live, small group interactive webinars. Rovers for young kids. Rangers with outdoor skills. Earth Ninjas with martial arts every morning. Scroll below for every Spark channel…

Kids can learn new skills or adventure through a fantastical Realm. With Trackers Spark, Trackers Earth is doing what we do best. We inspire kids everywhere, every week, to find connection and community!

See You On The Spark,

Molly Deis
Trackers Earth
Founder & Mom