From Molly, Trackers Founder & Mom

We all are getting quite a bit of special family time these days. Moms (and all parents) now do work, school, and play! The “new norm” of leisure includes 10 minutes of uninterrupted: shower, cooking, sleep, thought, or the online multi-user dungeon (MUD) that I play.

I’m experiencing an interesting side-effect with my patience level. The daily affirmations said under my breath seem to be helping. Along with lowering my standards.😉I find myself getting less frustrated about things. Tony cooked me breakfast this morning. Good for him.

Counting to 10 goes both ways. To buffer my reactions to my kids or for getting them to do a thing. This week the girls cut sleeves off their dresses to make them more “summer-ready” in the hot weather. My sweet-toothed child has been hoarding cups of sugar around the house. The youngest hides whenever it’s time for chores.

It’s all part of being a parent. From one mom to other parents, Happy Parent’s Day. I hope we’re hanging in and I’m looking to the light beyond this—as long the kids get outside the house. Take the day to enjoy a little “new norm” and play with your wonderful and sometimes aggravating loved ones.😸

See You In The Virtual Forest,

Molly Deis
Trackers Earth
Founder & Mom