Grow With Trackers Online


From Molly Deis, Founder

I wanted to say thank you to our families for the overwhelming support for Trackers Online. The number of students doubled in just one week. Our number of classes did the same! It’s been wonderful to hear how kids are having fun connecting with teachers and friends in our online camps. There are a few things that are new for next week.

Full-Time Forest School
(now online)

Along with contributing to our part-time Backyard Classroom, our full-time Forest School is open to new students for the remainder of the term and for Fall 2020. What makes our Forest School work fantastically in the forest is also extremely valuable in our online interactive classroom. We maintain powerfully low ratios for every class (1:12 for our oldest grade, lower for younger). It’s a way for our students learning at home to get personalized instruction in academics and connection to nature (now in their own backyard). If you want to learn more about Forest School’s strength in small class sizes for both online and outdoor learning, respond to this email and I’ll personally get back to you.

Online Camps – Week Pass

For kids who want a consistent adventure every day, we now offer a Week Pass where you can sign up for one channel all week. If you want Captain Nick for five days, you can do that! If your kid needs a movement workout every morning, that’s there as well.

NEW Camps!

We have new online camps for next week. Enroll in the Wizards Academy to study Herbology and Mythic Beasts. Quest the Realms of Elves & Dragons for epic adventures. Learn to Fish in your living room. Cook dandelion donuts with Cowboy Sam. Or get young kids moving in Rovers Recess!

Our new WildLIVE! Rangers Adventures feature a Rangers Guide live and solo adventuring in our private wilderness park. Kids help create the camp as their Guide demonstrates skills such as fire or finds real animal tracks to follow. Finally, young campers (ages 4-6) can join me for FarmLIVE! Meet the Animals to greet donkeys, goats, chickens and more.

I so greatly appreciate our Trackers Community. This is a time where we come together to support one another and find our human and natural connection. Watch our Facebook and Instagram pages for details and have a sunny weekend.