Friday, August 14, 2020

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Letter From Our Founders

Summer Camp Update

Dear Parents and Campers,

We’re here to announce that Summer Camp is happening! These past few months have affected us in more ways than we ever could have imagined. Kids have been indoors for months, and are longing for summer camps where they can connect with friends, play in the open air, and have new adventures.

Under normal circumstances, going to camp requires significant preparation — both from our staff and families. In this new world, it takes even more time to consider the many precautions for the safety and well-being of everyone involved. All of us here at Trackers Earth have spent these past few months working around the clock to anticipate what safe summer camp will look like this year. As our state releases new guidelines, this thoughtful analysis has proven to be valuable. We are grateful for your continued patience and understanding with our process.

What’s Next?

Re-opening timelines vary by state, region, and county. California released their official guidelines for day camps on June 2nd. We reviewed each area’s guidelines and regulations the minute they came in. We’re continually brainstorming as a team, meeting with health authorities and camp organizations, and doing all we can to prepare. One thing is for sure: we will adapt and continue to create safe ways to provide engaging, educational — and fun! —  camp experiences, no matter what.

While we continue to adapt our programs, here’s what we know so far:

Location Change: In an effort to follow Department of Health guidance, we are moving our drop off location for all of our Bay Area programs to the Camp Herms Scouts property, which we have exclusive use of for the summer. We are reaching out to the parents affected to communicate the change, as well as answer any questions you might have.

Overnight Camps Due to the health guidelines in place, we will not be able to hold the Leadership in Training program. We are working with each family to figure out the next best steps for them with us in this program.

Day Camps will continue according to Contra Costa County Health Authority guidelines:

  • We plan to have small, stable groups of the same kids for our day camps – working under essential state guidelines.
  • Each group will remain together throughout the day and for the entirety of the camp week. Campers will space themselves as much as possible, which is much easier outside!
  • We will provide hand sanitizer and hand washing stations, working to make sure each camper and staff uses them often throughout the day.
  • We ask parents to take their child’s temperature every morning. If your child has any symptoms of being sick, please stay home for the safety of everyone. Trackers will credit you for that time. We are also planning an efficient and in-depth daily health check for staff and students at drop-off each day.
  • We ask that campers bring masks to wear. They will be asked to wear masks in situations where social distancing is not possible and on vehicles, as well as maintain 6 feet of space between themselves and other campers whenever possible, not limited to when directed by a staff member.
  • Check-in and check-out times may be staggered. This may result in minor shifts in camp times.
  • Check-in and check-out times may be staggered. This may result in minor shifts in camp times. To follow Oregon Health Authority guidelines to maintain stable groups for our campers, we do not plan on currently offering after camp.
  • To follow California Health Authority guidelines to maintain stable groups for our campers, we do not plan on currently offering after camp.
  • At this time, our buses will be limited to a stable cohort to ensure social distancing. That means
  • Trackers will use more vehicles and also adjust which programs and the number of days we transport for. The positive result, less time on buses and more time for activities.

What Else Are We Exploring? 

We are considering neighborhood camps that start at 9 AM and end at 2:30 PM. In Neighborhood Summer Camp, kids would be led by teachers on safe adventures using walking friendly paths and areas. We are also exploring family and friends’ camps and even Camp Shares where a Trackers Teacher comes to your home for camp with a group of siblings and kids you choose. Finally, we have a goal of offering a limited scholarship tuition and programs for children of essential workers in need of financial assistance.

Trackers Spark also offers online classes for those continuing to stay home. These are interactive, small group webinars with a familiar guide and tons of activities. This is a chance for kids to connect with other kids in classes from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Join Captain Nick in recovering the lost idol. Quest with the Realms of Cascadia, where you create your character to adventure as an elf, wizard or more. There’s even online classes for adults.

Connection & Community

Trackers is about community and personal connection. This is not a time for one-size-fits-all thinking. It is a time for personal action and responsibility. We will work with each of you to make sure your kids have the best possible camp experience this summer. During the next several weeks, our teams will reach out personally to parents signed up for camp. This is our quest to better understand your particular needs, and answer any questions you might have.

Please, if you have urgent specific needs for your children and circumstances (ie., essential workers, specific health concerns, etc.) feel free to contact us as well. Personal connection is part of our core values, and we will do our best to find personal solutions for those who need them. Again, we appreciate your patience and understanding through this process.


Connecting kids to nature in inspiring ways is central to our mission. We are an organization that exists to support kids and parents and provide real and awesome camp experiences. Everyone at Trackers remembers what it’s like to be a kid. We look forward to helping your kids learn and build lasting memories – while giving parents a break, too.

If your situation has changed, we hope that you can still support Trackers by accepting a future camp credit that will be good through 2022. If a credit does not work for you, please contact us, and we will do our best to help your individual needs.

We thank you for your trust in Trackers and look forward to speaking with each of you soon. Please stay healthy and safe, and we can’t wait to see you at camp!

See you in the forest,
Molly & Tony Deis

Trackers Earth
Founders & Parents

At Trackers Earth, our mission is to get your kids into nature by meeting at convenient locations close to you, then transporting kids into the best parks and green spaces.

This year we have added one new location, and return to three more of our old favorites! Plus, after camp is now available in all our satellite sites. Read on to learn more about our Summer 2018 Drop-Off sites.

Now ends March 8, 2017

Quite a few parents called, concerned they missed the early Summer Camp discount. This happens every year. So what made this time unique? Many felt distracted and caught up with current events. We empathize and want to do something about this. We’re extending the 10% discount through March 8.

We believe Forest Skills foster compassion, self-accountability, and long-term thinking. Values we need in today’s world.

Compassion Through tracking animals, kids discover empathy. They understand how the mouse needs shelter to survive. They also feel that the coyote is hungry, and must feed her pups.

Self-Accountability Wilderness survival teaches kids to own their choices. Nature does not build a fire for you, but the wilderness does provide us with the resources to do so. As they learn to Pay Attention to nature, children cultivate awareness, knowledge, and resiliency.

Long-Term Thinking Through proper harvesting of wild plants, kids learn to think beyond the short-sightedness found in many of our present-day “leaders”. Harvesting willow for baskets can create more abundance in the years that follow. It can also help create better habitat for wildlife, and more resources for generations beyond our lifetime. Thus true long-term thinking also means caring for the community of both the human and more-than-human world.

Of course, extending our discount won’t necessarily save the world (at least by itself). Yet it is one fun opportunity we can put out there among all the news. One message just to let you know, at Trackers Earth we are dedicated to helping parents create an awesome planet for our kids. One of compassion, self-accountability, and a common vision that cares for our future generations.


Tony Deis
Trackers Earth
Founder & Dad

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News Trackers Earth (Portland)

News Trackers Earth (Bay Area)

  • New day camp locations at the Berkeley Marina (West Berkeley) and Rudgear Park (Walnut Creek) are available. Both sites feature outdoor nature play during pick-up and drop-off.
  • We offer Adventure Travel Expeditions. Locations include the California Coast and Point Reyes National Seashore.
  • Grade 5-12 Our Residential Overnight Camps now bring our Trackers Kids from California and Oregon together! Discover Camp Trackers on the western slopes of Mt. Hood and it’s evergreen forest in beautiful Sandy, Oregon. Pre-registered Airport Transfer service available for all students.

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camo-285Wilderness Survival Camps

Nevertheless, we teach young women to persist… with bows and arrows, campfire and wild plants, stealth and wilderness survival. BTW, we also teach young men to be thoughtful through these same skills.

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Interested in Trackers Earth Bay Area summer camps. Check out last years quotes and reviews:

She had a fantastic week. She had zero complaints even with heat, long days, etc. She came home talking about the events of the day, and somehow you managed to make blood and guts exciting rather than gruesome. (How’d you do that?) She enjoyed the counselors and appreciated them. She made several friends during the week and felt comfortable. (Ended up with a swimming play date with one girl, and a repeat next week.)
-Lisa, Parent

Ethan had an incredible week and is back to loving Trackers. The week’s program was fantastic and seeing a Bald Eagle and Osprey fight overhead was the highlight of Ethan’s summer so far. All of the Counselors we ran into in the fishing area were really nice, friendly, etc. Sonya was great, and Jeff was over-the-top fantastic. What a special guy — really fun, warm, expressive, funny, effective with the kids, etc. He clearly puts a ton of effort and care into his work. And Shane does such a great job managing a huge program! Thank you, Trackers.
-Kristina Whitney, Parent

This was Egan’s second (out of 3) week of Trackers this summer and he comes home every day so excited and happy about his experiences. He literally tells us every detail of the day and can’t stop talking about it. He really loved making cordage and worked on it for hours at home in the evenings and early mornings before camp. Catching leopard sharks, crabs and jellyfish were his highlights and we heard all sorts of stories about different types of crabs. He loved both of his counselors and I really appreciated Tess. She had a personal story to tell me each afternoon about Egan and what he had done or learned and I looked forward to it each day.
-Allison Krasnow, Parent

Dylan had a blast! By the end of the week, he forget his shyness and was handling bait and live crabs like a pro. I knew this from what he told me each day, but his instructor noticed and took the time to tell me too. Your instructors are just incredible. Faith in humanity: restored.
-Carl, Parent

The week started off with an amazing recounting of a discussion held in Trackers where Marina explained to me that there isn’t really good and evil, but rather two opposing sides and misunderstandings/or different motives. It was very sophisticated and interesting and great to see her so engaged in not only the physical/emotional experience, but also stimulated to think about some hefty philosophical topics. Made me think too. Then on Wednesday she got into a fantasy-check situation as an interrogator of an adult and I heard from the Agent Slime aka Jimbo (so present, in tune, responsible, creative, good, smart) that she was so good, so powerful that she talked back to an adult as part of the scene being played out. But then it got emotional for her and she cried. You know, neither or or her other mom were upset by this. Emotions are a part of life. Girls often have big emotions (boys too but they learn to hide them and often deal differently). She was really feeling the experience and that’s powerful. I was so appreciative of the care, compassion, and appreciation shown toward her by the counselors and staff. What a wonderful way to be oneself, fully. I couldn’t be happier with Trackers and I know Marina loved it too. Such a holistic, whole body/mind/spirit experience. Very very pleased and extremely grateful.
-Jenny Strauss, Parent