Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Monthly Archives: November 2016


We are deeply saddened by the loss of our large pavilion shelter at our educational center at the old Roslyn Lake Campground. This building was a beautiful, historic part of the land and its story. It was a place our students have come to gather and care for.

Last night we received a call informing us that the structure was on fire. No students or programs were onsite at the time. Despite the quick response of the Sandy Fire Department, the shelter was destroyed. Fortunately, the fire was contained. No other areas of the property were damaged and no injuries were sustained.

Our staff and students share a feeling of profound loss right now. It is believed vandals may be responsible for this and other damage on the land. We will keep the community updated as the investigation continues.

Trackers wants to thank the Sandy Fire District for their fast and heroic work last night and continuing support.


Tony Deis
Trackers Earth

Stand tall. The wild teaches us this. There are moments when we are cold and wet, when we desperately need fire or shelter. When we feel miserable. Instead of curling up, fearing that we lack those things, we must stand tall with the trees. Finding fire from the cedar and shelter from the oak leaves. Crafting both with our resilience.

It’s a lesson I often forget, and I’m grateful to nature which teaches it to me again and again. Yet when my kids were born, standing tall became a greater challenge. I no longer feared just for myself, I hoped and feared for them. All parents have times when we are afraid. In those moments we cannot curl up and disappear through fear. We must stand tall and be role models for resilience.

In my 24 years of teaching, I’ve seen how children naturally seek fire and shelter when they’re in the wilderness. This innate resilience is born of their enthusiasm to survive and thrive with the wild.

It is okay for our children to see us vulnerable. In fact, they should see us sad and even afraid. It lets our kids know these feelings are healthy and that we trust them. It is critical, however, that they witness our resilience through these feelings. Build that fire. Make that shelter. Stand up.

With our children’s inspiration and Nature reminding us, together we will remember how to stand tall through all the challenges we face.