Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Monthly Archives: April 2016

1-weekend a month, September to June

Announcing our 2016 – 2017 Youth Apprenticeships.
We’re excited to offer new apprenticeships along with old favorites.
Program demand has increased in recent years. We recommend reserving your place early.

This coming year we also have some new apprenticeships along with our old favorites:

Age 4-Grade K Rovers Apprenticeship
Our youngest campers have spent the year pushing the edges of their experience and skills in the outdoors. This year’s Rovers program has grown into one of the most profound.


Grade 1-4 & 5-12 Rangers Apprenticeship
The skills of stealth, archery and wilderness survival. The Rangers Apprenticeship has become a powerful team and leadership experience with training in our wildest arts.

Grade 1-4 & 5-12 Wilders Apprenticeship
Gardens, animals, homesteading and tending to the wild. Our Wilders have delved into folk craft and traditional skills while growing into a program that truly cares for the village.

Grade 1-4 & 5-12 Mariners Apprenticeship
2015 was first year of our Mariners Apprenticeship and it was resoundingly epic with days by the water, kayaks, fishing, and more. This year features overnights for older Apprentices.

Grade 5-12 Artisans Apprenticeship
2015 was also the first year of our Artisans Apprenticeship. It has been as close to real magic as we can get. The Power of Myth woven with earth based arts and crafts offer the promise to truly create ambassadors and leaders for a culture that needs to exist.


Grade 9-12 New! VW Apprenticeship
Apprentices develop mechanical genius by fixing up an old school Volkswagen Bus and Super Beetle. They then take road trips foraging for wild foods and practicing outdoor skills.

Grade 5-12 New! Trackers Chef Apprenticeship
Apprentices master the culinary arts through adventures foraging for wild edibles and cultivating locally grown foods. They cook over an open campfire, developing a vital part of community leadership: nourishment, great flavor and the table we share.

Grade 2-5 & 6-12 Archery Apprenticeship
Bows and arrows. We utilize one of the largest indoor ranges in the area (at Trackers), along with our private outdoor ranges (very unique). New this year: Make a bow in the program!


Grade 5-12 Blacksmithing Apprenticeship
Our fastest filling apprenticeship. Rashelle Hamms, our new Blacksmithing Mentor, offers personal and individual instruction for every student, while also building core competencies.

Grade 9-12 Bladesmith Apprenticeship
Arrowheads, Knives and Axes! Apprentices focus on forging bladed tools. They learn to design and shape each blade, honing it to the appropriate sharpness.

Turning 18 years Wilderness Immersion
These programs are for 18 years old and up. We know many our students and campers are graduating this year and have found our immersion programs serve as a perfect Gap Year opportunity. The weekend versions can even be complementary to college attendance.