Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Monthly Archives: September 2014


Housewarming Celebration September 27, 4pm-7pm – 4617 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, Oregon First and foremost, we want to invite your family to a Housewarming Celebration for our fantastic new home in SE Portland. Join us for music, apple cider pressing, our open archery range (free for the evening) and more. Plus, bring a potluck dish while also enjoying grilled sausages with refreshing tasty beverages. RSVP on Facebook

The Community Art Project

Admittedly, at Trackers we feel both excited and nervous about our new space. When you walk into the building it shouts big and updated; not scrappy and tough (remember the Scout Pit). We know this will benefit our programs, students and community; yet we need help warming up the place.

We want our new home to be yours!

This summer I had many great opportunities to talk with different campers, parents, adult students and staff. Some had attended Trackers for years and with others, it was their first time. I learned a-lot in these conversations. People told me stories about how they take what they learn beyond our programs, bringing Trackers into their lives through incredibly creative ways.

What does that mean? Kids talked excitedly about “playing” Trackers at recess (and in Minecraft)! Parents told me about camping trips where their children foraged wild salads for the family meal. I even received awesome pictures of both kids and adults setting scenes with their new Trackers Minifigs (dorky yes, but we love it). Finally, I met people who adamantly identified with one of our Four Guilds while sharing stories of planting blue elderberry in their Wilders Garden or watching a coyote pass silently in their Rangers Camp.

All these tales went beyond our “school” and blew my mind. I honestly had no idea of the impact our staff has made until I could step back and see it from another perspective. But it also made me realize that our new home needs to become a place where the community could truly gather to share their stories. Thus the Village Wall was born!

The Village Wall

The Village Wall acts as a simple and profound community art project. During our Housewarming (Sept 27) bring a photo of you or your family living, playing and working as part of the Trackers Village. It could show you loosing arrows in your backyard archery range, representing with your Trackers t-shirt in front of the Leaning of Tower of Pisa, crafting a forest or folk project, helping friends prepare a wild feast, or whittling with your kids. All Trackers, everything you.

We plan to place all the photos on a single wall*. So harvest that nettle, break out the cheese pot, or simply unicycle on down while wearing your Trackers hoodie. I’m excited for everyone to help us create a Village mosaic; one the fills our new space with stories of creativity, humor and adventure.

BTW Feel fee to write small story on the back of your picture. You can also drop photos in our mailbox or also post on our virtual wall by tagging #trackersvillage

*BSG Post-Caprica style without the apocalyptic overtones


Who All Trackers families and friends
When Saturday – September 27, 2014, 4pm-7pm
What Potluck with Trackers supplying free sausages, refreshing beverages and the fixings as well as chips
Where Trackers Earth’s new home, 4617 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, Oregon

RSVP on Facebook